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Invest in change

Everyone at Promedica looks towards the future. We see a time where people have a choice, have a real viable alternative in care and support solutions and can remain at home for as long as possible.

We know that there are many people who share that vision and wish to work with and contribute to helping people.

Promedica Plus offers people such an opportunity within a franchised business, an opportunity that allows an investor to grow their own business by being part of the Promedica Live-In care solution.

Most Franchise opportunities in the care sector attempt to be all things to all people, confusing their offering and managing a large team of care workers with high staff turnover. This requires the investment of a significant amount of time, commitment, and money.

Promedica Plus has a simple focus- to advise and support people with their choices and ensure that customer satisfaction levels are maintained. This requires no CQC registration as the regulated live-in care services are provided by our sister company Promedica24.

With a relatively low cost entry point, the Promedica Plus Franchise Partners gets all the support, guidance and training needed to build a new business in the ever growing and rewarding care sector.

Help us to create a place where we are proud to say we have helped make a difference.
Invest in your own future, invest your time and effort to support people, invest in change



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