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Facts about market

In all growing economies, the healthcare sector is one of the key sectors that will continue to be vital.

As the population ages, it is without  doubt that there will be greater need to support it, ensuring that costs and services are both controlled, managed and maintained.

400,000 UK residents are in residential care, almost half them pay for this by themselves.
The total number of elderly people with unmet care needs has risen by 9% in the last two years.

There are an estimated 900,000 people needing care who are left to fend for themselves.
The number of elderly people needing care will soon outstrip the number of relatives able to care for them by 2017.

By 2030, over 2 million people will lack informal care from an offspring
By 2030, some 230,000 people will require more than 20 hours of care a week
The number of people living beyond 85 will increase by 23%

In the UK, people have now been given more opportunities to choose their own   health care future. Promedica helps people make those choices, offering a service that can give a real alternative to residential care. Costs are similar, arrangement is simple and the benefits are so much better, our clients can remain at home.

Our Franchise is simple, it gives you the opportunity to develop a business that supports this idea, developing a local advisory business that supports families, individuals and the healthcare sector that are looking for solutions to the pressures experienced in life.

Our most successful partners have been those who have a compassion and desire to support this evolving concept.



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