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If you are looking for an investment opportunity that requires competitively low startup capital but with a greater investment of time, have you considered a homecare franchise with Promedica24?

When There Is a Need for Healthcare in the Home

iStock_000019498110XXXLargeWhen it comes to caring for homebound patients, many families don’t have the time it requires to be ‘on-call’ twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

As a result, there is a growing need for in home care providers to see to the need of family members suffering from illnesses, conditions and injuries that often require periodic around-the-clock care.

A Demand for Change within the Healthcare Sector

A health care business is an opportunity unlike any you will find in the UK. Not only are there radical cuts being made to the NHS budget, but patients and their families are realising the benefits of providing health care at home. Patients are found to do better recovering at home. It’s a simple fact. With the growing number of elder Britons suffering from Dementia, care franchises can help provide qualified care workers for those so desperately in need of change within the way services are being provided to them.

Beyond Competitive – Ultra Low Investment Costs

MB-UK-B2B-01There is nothing more rewarding than offering a service to those in need of home health care. Given the fact that you can start a home care franchise with Promedica24 at much less the cost of competitors’ franchises, you can expect a much higher ROI as well as personal satisfaction.

Many of Promedica24’s franchisees are seeing six figure incomes within the very first year. That is beyond competitive.



It’s amazing! Imagine spending only £15k (plus VAT) on startup investment and then bringing in literally hundreds of thousands of pounds within the first year. It’s completely doable as many of our care home franchise partners have proven.

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